Environment Critic:Energy efficiency

April 30, 2014

Hi friends -

In my new "role" as NDP Environment Critic, I'd like to share some positive info about our province and the "footprint" our previous NDP government has left upon it - since in the past three years the NDP was in charge of government we convinced Nova Scotian's to SAVE ENERGY!

In fact in 2013 we saved up to $78 million in electricity savings -- making Nova Scotia the LEADER in energy efficiency in this country. I say that is a footstep in the right direction - because the cheapest kilowatt hour is the one that's never used.

Energy efficiency can be difficult to understand, since unlike solar voltaics and wind turbines, we can't actually see saved energy.

However, Efficiency Nova Scotia's 2013 Annual Report, released yesterday, shows that Nova Scotians have now saved enough electricity to power approximately 63,000 homes – more than twice the population of Sydney.

"Our job is to help Nova Scotians lead the way in energy efficiency," says Allan Crandlemire, CEO for Efficiency Nova Scotia. "Over the past three years, more than 150,000 Nova Scotians have used our services, but energy efficiency has even more potential to save Nova Scotians money, improve our environment and contribute more to our economic prosperity."

Every dollar invested in energy efficiency in Nova Scotia returns nearly $3 in savings. And that investment is growing a local industry that already employs 1,200 Nova Scotians in businesses across the province. The industry expects to grow at five times the rate of the provincial economy in each of the next five years.

As part of its 2013 Annual Report, Efficiency Nova Scotia has released a short video to help answer the question, 'Why energy efficiency?' revealing the critical role energy efficiency plays in the province's energy system. You can view this video at www.efficiencyns.ca

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers services, financial incentives and straightforward advice to help Nova Scotians save energy and money. Since 2009 energy efficiency has reduced Nova Scotia's annual electricity load by 5.5 per cent and will save Nova Scotians $78 million in electricity costs this year.

For more information contact:

Efficiency Nova Scotia
230 Brownlow Avenue, Suite 300 | Dartmouth, NS | B3B 0G5

www.efficiencyns.ca | @efficiencyns | facebook.com/efficiencyns

Friends, let's be proud of the fact that Nova Scotians are leaders in energy efficiency!

I hope that we continue this positive trend. After all, our province - and our planet - are worth it.

Sincerely -