Liberal promises to creative industries not as advertised

TRURO - NDP Communities, Culture and Heritage Critic Lenore Zann says Stephen McNeil deserves an Academy Award for promises he made to Nova Scotia's film and music industries prior to the election.

"It truly is perplexing how the Liberal government could be placing the Film and Digital Media Tax Credits under review just six months after Stephen McNeil committed to expanding the programs," said Zann, in a news release. "In hindsight it's pretty clear the premier had no intention of delivering on the promises he was making at the time. He was just putting on a feel-good performance for the media a week before the election."On October 1, 2013 Stephen McNeil promised to improve the Digital Media Tax credit and the Film Tax Credit if elected. He also promised to create a new Sound Recording Tax Credit valued at $750,000 per year. The Liberals have subsequently deleted the original press release from their website but it can be viewed here:

According to the Liberal platform the new credit and the improvements to the existing credits were to take effect in the current budget year. That didn't happen in all three cases and according to a May 9, 2014 CBC story, Nova Scotia's film industry is now concerned the Liberal government could soon cut the Film Tax Credit

Zann said this is just another broken promise by Stephen McNeil and the Liberals, adding: "time and time again the Liberals are not delivering as advertised."

She also believes the loss of the Film Tax Credit would hurt Nova Scotia's creative economy.

"The credit helps keep our film industry competitive, an industry I'll add is worth $125 million to our economy each year," said Zann. "This credit is helping to create good jobs in our province and it's disappointing the Liberals haven't kept their election promise to expand the program."

Courtesy Truro Daily News