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TruLeaf Secures $250,000 in Venture Capital
August 2012
TruLeaf Secures $250,000 in Venture Capital
August 2012
TruLeaf Secures $250,000 in Venture Capital
August 2012
Lenore & Wanda Robson International Women's Day 2012
"Dept of Agriculture Announcement Lenore with Mayor Bob Taylor, Beth Densmore, Minister MacDonell& Mayor Bill Mills April 30/12"
Truro Farmer's Market - Lenore with vendor Kim Langille and Acting Director Jamey Coughlin
Lenore at the Truro Farmer's Market - First Day in their New Home
Hounourary Gold Service Award Lenore with Rita MacNeil & Past Premier John Buchanan
Ballet Jorgen performed at the CEC and the Truro Elementary School on Oct 24 for approximately 1500 students - A World to Shake""
Remembrance Day 2012
Lenore & Salmon River Fire Brigade Chief Tim Johnson - New Year's 2012
Salmon River Fire Bigade New Year's Day Levee
Salmon River Fire Brigade New Year's Day Levee
Bible Hill New Year's Day Levee - Lenore & Commissioner Robert Mahar
Bible Hill Levee -Lenore & Shiley Rogers
Bible Hill Levee - Lenore and Commissioner Tom Burke
Bible Hill New Year's Levee - Lenore & Village Commissioners
New Year's Day Levee - Royal Canadian Legion
Truro Legion Levee
Truro Legion - Levee
Lenore at the Commonwealth Parlimentary Conference, Toronto
Lenore at the Queens Quay Legislature in Toronto
Lenore, Rocky Jones, and the Honorable Ramona Jennex
Lenore and Raymond Tynes

Lenore & Jeff Goodwin -New Year's Levee 2012 Salmon River Fire Brigade

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