April 16, 2019 - Sexual assault support services must be expanded to meet growing need

NDP Status of Women spokesperson Lenore Zann made the following statement in response to today’s news that Avalon Sexual Assault Centre has to suspend taking on new counselling cases:
“The need for sexual assault services in Nova Scotia is growing, and organizations like Avalon Sexual Assault Centre are over capacity. Although the past three years have seen increased prevention work and development of trauma-informed services, there is a critical shortage of specialized therapeutic counselling for survivors.
The time is long overdue for government not only to increase funding to existing services, but to  ensure there is sustainable core funding so sexual assault services across the province can be expanded.
During this spring’s session, as NDP Spokesperson for the Status of Women, I called on both the Premier and Health Minister for increased funding for sexual assault services. SANE services were recently announced for Truro but only after these concerted efforts.”
Lenore Zann, MLA
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