May 01 - 2019 - Climate Change

As the Nova Scotia NDP Environment Spokesperson I am deeply concerned about Climate Change and the effects it will have on the well-bring of our community, our province, and our planet. I’ve spoken up for the past ten years about the need to create good, clean, green jobs here in Nova Scotia and invest in clean energy and technology. 
I’ve also attended numerous rallies and fought against the worst environmental hazards facing our province.

 A 2018 report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change produced by the world’s leading climate scientists declared that we are in a climate emergency. We now have just 11 years to radically change our behaviour by reducing our energy consumption and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Failure to reform has us on an irreversible path to climate catastrophe. This is the context for the Fridays for Future youth climate strike movement. Youth are literally fighting for the future of humanity.

I’ve personally brought up many issues to numerous politicians for the past ten years as an MLA and asked Government a plenitude of questions about plans to prevent further damage to our fragile environmental ecosystem as well as plans to prevent further rise in greenhouse gas emissions - one of the main causes of climate change. 

These  include:  Fracking, Uranium mining, Tire-burning at LaFarge Cement (a Company from France) in Brookfield, the plan to pollute the Northumberland Strait with pulp effluent by Northern Pulp (a company owned by a multibillionaire in Indonesia), the clear-cutting and spraying of carcinogenic Glyphosate on our forests, the plan to brine the Shuebenacadie River by Alton Gas (a company from Calgary) in order to carve out salt caverns in Stewiacke to store natural gas, the enlarging of a huge gravel pit (by Irving) in Little Dyke, and plans for an open-pit goldmine in the French River/Tatamagouche Watershed region (by an Australian gold company). 
Students and youth across Canada and around the globe have recently been holding¬†demonstrations to bring attention to the urgency of climate change and the need to act now. Their goal is to convince politicians and decision-makers that their future - our future - depends on the action we take today, and we are not doing enough. Youth have been doing climate strikes during school hours to emphasize the importance of this issue and to show that if we do not address climate change, nothing else, including education, will matter. Many students at Cobequid Educational Centre and l‚Äô√Čcole Acadienne de Truro went on strike on March 15th, and they are planning to call for action again on Friday May 3rd, as part of a Canada-wide effort.
Citizens, business leaders, and community groups in Truro and Colchester let’s march with our students on May 3 at 1pm in Civic Square  to demonstrate that:
1.     We support and encourage youth engagement.
2.     We will not be complicit in the inaction of our leaders and policy-makers.
3.     We demand more action to protect our community and our planet. 
Here is the link to the Instagram page for the school strike in Truro:
 Here is the link to the Truro News article about the strike on March 15:
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