Apr 8th, 2015 - Zann: Film Tax Credit Boosts Creative Economy

NDP MLA Lenore Zann says the the loss of the Film Tax Credit could have a devastating impact on Nova Scotia's creative economy. She says the program is vital to the province's $125 million film, television and digital media industry and helps support approximately 2000 jobs.

In recent weeks the McNeil government has been openly critical of the Film Tax Credit raising concerns it's being eliminated or drastically altered in the upcoming budget.

"In Stephen McNeil's election platform he committed to extending the Film Tax Credit, but less than two years into his mandate he's singing an entirely different tune," says Zann. "The value of our film industry has increased by 2000% since the tax credit was first introduced. It's elimination would spell more job losses for our province, something we can hardly afford."

She adds, "In my hometown of Truro the local business community has really benefited from the production of the Trailer Park Boys. That would never have been possible without the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit."