Colchester East Hants Health Centre

Good morning. I am pleased to be here today representing Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson.

I too would like to congratulate the Colchester East Hants Health Authority and its board chair, John K., for a job well done.

Much credit is also due to the To our Health Campaign that rallied for this project. That's how important this facility is to this area.

I've watched the progress of this health centre from day one, and like the people of Colchester County and East Hants, I've been anxiously awaiting its opening.

As we heard the Premier say, this is the first regional hospital to be built in 10 years and I am proud to have this health care facility in my region.

There are so many innovative and technologically advanced characteristics about this regional hospital, that I can't decide what I'm more excited about: the Omnicell cabinets that will dispense medications in each nursing unit to help protect patients from medication mix-ups, the six new birthing suites—that's right, suites—that are unique to Nova Scotia, or the resource room staffed by volunteers located next to the chemotherapy clinic.

This hospital is exactly what Nova Scotians have been asking for and it's exactly what the government has been working toward implementing. This is better care sooner.

As the Premier said earlier, adequate and timely health care is a priority for this government. Nova Scotians of all ages and medical needs deserve fast test results, access to emergency care, and privacy when being hospitalized.

The Colchester East Hants Health Centre offers all of that and more.

Gone are the days when hospitals were institutions. As demonstrated in this building, hospitals are becoming the perfect blend of clinical and comfortable environments.

Although patients stay here for care and treatment, they also need emotional support that only their loved ones can provide. This support is encouraged by the staff and medical teams here at Colchester East Hants Health Centre. Every consideration has been made to make non-patients' visits here comfortable too. That includes new sleeper chairs in the dedicated palliative care unit, and easy access to patient rooms.

I personally find great comfort in knowing that if there is a medical emergency, regardless of the day or time, there will be a quick response from the Colchester East Hants Health Centre.

I look forward to hearing less about seniors who wait too long for test results.

I look forward to hearing less about new parents being shuffled from room to room as they go from being in labour to holding their baby.

As promised, Nova Scotians are getting the adequate and quick care they deserve be it from a Collaborative Emergency Center, a health centre or a beautiful brand new regional hospital like this one.

Once again, congratulations to you all for bringing this quality facility to the Colchester and East Hants regions and thank you for your dedication to patient care and helping the government fulfill its promise to Nova Scotians.

Thank you.